Welcome to Bonny's.
We are  professional caterers with over 30 years expérience . We are based near Périgueux (dordogne, France). Our speciality is indian food, and we also offer french, english, chinese, moroccan, lebanese food. Bhavana (la chef) who is passionate about food and travel, will tempt your tastebuds with a seasonal  menu  every month. Starter + Main Course + Dessert.
Bonny's offers a takeaway service. Please see our authentic indian takeaway menu. We deliver directly to you.  
Call us: 05 53 13 33 26     OR DROP US AN EMAIL:
Please let us know of your favourites, allergies and more importantly what type of food makes you happy! Enjoy reading and hope to speak to you soon,
Christophe and Bhavana


Prawn Hariyali  6.50€
Whole prawns marinated and grilled in a coriander and mint sauce
Beef sheek kebab  5.50 €
Minced beef, peppers, onions, spices and fresh herbes
Beef samosas   4.25€
2 samosas with minced beef, vegetables, spices and served with a seasonal chutney
Chicken Tandoori   4.00€
chicken drumsticks marinated in a tandoori and yoghurt sauce; cooked in the oven
Vegetable samosa (v) 3.50€
2 samosas with potatoes, peas, carots and onions; served with a seasonal chutney
Vegetable pakoras (v) 3.50€
vegetables in a chickpea batter and fried

 kebabs and samosas


MAINS served with pilau fried rice

Punjabi Lamb Shank  12.50€
chilly,ginger, tomatoes and red wine cooked slowly
Lamb biriyani or chicken biriyani   12.50€
layers of spiced meat and rice with safran, caramalised onions and butter.  Served with cucumber raita and vegetable curry
Lamb Saag    10.50€ (mild)
lamb curry cooked with spinach
Chicken Dhansak    9.00€ (spicy)
chicken thighs cooked with lentils, aubergines and spices
Chicken Tikka Massala    8.50€ (a classic; my version)
Butter Chicken    8.50€ (spicy)
the real deal from delhi!  Tandoori chicken marinated in a tomato sauce, green chilli, spices and lots of butter!
Porc Madras   8.50€ (spicy)
ginger, chilli, onion, coriander, tomatoes and coconut
Beef Korma    8.50€  (mild)
almond, coconut milk and spices
Gambas masala   10.50€ (spicy)
King prawns, tomatoes, curry leaves, ginger, mustard seeds and onions
Salmon tandoori    9.50€ (spicy)
salmon marinated and grilled in tandoori spices
Mussels in safran sauce   8.50€

Kabli Chana Masala   7.50€ (spicy)
chickpeas, ginger, spinach, tomatoes and garam masala
Alloo Gobhi    7.50€ (mild)
Potatoes and cauliflower in a curry sauce
Bombay aloo  7.00€
potatoes, 5 spices in a thick tomato sauce
Dahl makhni   7.50€   (mild)
lentil, kidney beans, cream, butter
Indian Bread
Plain Naan    1.80€
Cheese Naan    2.00€
Garlic Naan      2.00€
Vegetable paratha    2.00€
flat bread stuffed with vegetables and cooked with butter
Roti/Chappati    1.80€
lamb shank

DESSERT     4.00€

pudding made from semolina, coconut, almonds and lots of ghee(clarified butter)
hung greek yoghurt flavoured with cardamon, safran and grilled almonds
deep fried batter soaked in sugar syrup
slow cooked rice flauvoured with cardamon, sugar, pistachio and rose water
Mango cream
yoghurt, mango purée, fresh mango, cardamon
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KIDS MENU   6.00€   served with choice of: pasta, rice or noodles

Homemade chicken nuggets
Homemade fish nuggets
Meatballs cooked in homemade tomato sauce
Duck parmentier    7.50€

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